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Friday, 22 September 2017

Glitter Injections: Honest review

L-R: Love Letter, Copper Crush, Rose Gold, Insta Love 

I saw this brand floating around Insta for a long time, and finally took the plunge. You've probably seen mixed reviews and if you're not new to the scene, you have heard the drama over this brand (see Hannah Schroder's video here, along with her update). There are more in depth stories, just Google it,  I won't get into it, but I agree with the pros and cons. Basically they are aesthetically impactful, but some people have experienced issues over the last couple of years.

I believe they have updated their formula in recent times - and I have had mine for 8+ months and have not experienced any issues at all. I purposefully waited this long to post a review or any pics in the interest of fairness, just to see the longevity of the product and find out if those issues arose. They didn't - all my glitters still look and smell as they did on original purchase (in the pics shown).

T-B: Insta Love, Rose Gold, Copper Crush, Love Letter, [discontinued duo Moonlight Melody]

Personally, I think it's a fun product to play with, they are really cute and great for dramatic effect - but I haven't (and won't) use regularly as there are other glitter formulas that arguably stay put longer + are arguably safer. Honestly, Glitter Injections are pretty pricey, and there are other brands similar which have not had the drama involved, which I feel a bit better about (If you're interested in my faves, send me a message, let's chat about them). Glitter Injections might be good for one-time costume makeup or even if you don't use them on the eyes, and use for other areas of the face or body?

To each their own, and like I said they are still pretty fun and I haven't had any issues yet, so if you do want to try Glitter Injections, you can do so at your own discretion. Click here for the store.

J x

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Surprise ring in my bath bomb! - Royal Essence

A friend of mine actually recommended Royal Essence for a Mother's Day gift idea - it was a little late for me to choose it for that occasion, but I decided to treat myself.

Each item contains a surprise mystery jewel (usually a ring). I got the Salted Caramel soy candle, and the Strawberries and Cream bath bomb. YUM. They smell unreal.

My ring is yet to be appraised, and I have yet to burn the candle low enough to see what I got, so watch this space.

And you can check out Royal Essence here.

[not a sponsored post, all items purchased by me]

J x

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Rose Gold Paddle Brushes

[this is a sponsored post]

Ok, paddle brushes have been making the rounds for a few months now, and I was stoked when Jamie from Simple Glam Girls sent these bad boys my way.
THE softest bristles ever - I didn't expect them to be so soft and easy to use. And hello, rose gold?! I am hooked.

If you've never tried paddle brushes before, now's your chance - you can get 20% off the entire store by using my promo code Seren14dipity at the check-out.
The team have also launched an insanely cute Unicorn range so go ahead and check them out right here.

Let me know what goodies you end up getting. You go girl!

J x

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The dealio with Audible

I love reading.
I used to read a book a week, sometimes more. But the older I get, the harder it is to find time to sit and devour a story the way I want to.

I had heard about Audible from a couple of colleagues in the past but never knew if listening to a book would be as satisfying as actually reading it. I love podcasts, but this was different somehow as an audiobook. Nothing will beat the feeling of stopping for a moment and taking in prose, and don't even get me started on the smell of paper! One of my all-time favourite smells (yes I am weird, I know).

I'll be honest - If Social Soup hadn't given me the opportunity to try Audible, I probably would not have given it a shot. I am sooo glad I did though!
The team sets you up with 3 books-worth of credits which is great to test the waters. I ended up choosing a biography, a chick lit, and a dystopian sci-fi. Awesome way to start as I am indecisive as can be - so I can switch between if I need to.

As skeptical as I was, I found myself using the app on during my commutes, during makeup sessions, nail polish sessions, even cleaning sessions. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to pick up where I left off and continue the story. I'm especially looking forward to using this for travel (helloooo 15 hour flight to the USA)

If you're like me and love to try before you buy, you can test the waters for a month FREE of charge. Just head on over to the Audible website, sign up and you're good to go.

Love the convenience of this - but don't be surprised if you still find me with my nose in a trusty paperback every now and then :)

J x

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

13 Reasons Why - D&M

I've just finished watching! I really need to vent this while it's fresh in mind...

Wow. What an incredibly important, poignant & necessary story to tell. And told so well, I was impressed. 

It's been a while since a story has pulled me in so completely, and I have felt connected to at so many points in the story arc. It could've gone so wrong in so many places, could have been all cheese, could have gotten really cliché and unrealistic. But I believe it was done perfectly.
I'll skip the teen angst portion, but I have to bring up a significant topic running deep in the root of the show, and what was most apparent to me - life.

A reminder that all action has consequence. Those seemingly insignificant choices we make that ripple into the wider ocean. Good, bad and ugly. A cross-section view on the layers that impact life, and underpin the every day. 

Each of the 13 reasons or events represent someone or something we can all relate to at some capacity. We see here a microscope on teenage life, but those of us long removed can still see parallels in our adult lives - we look back and remember what those days were like for us; remind ourselves of the things that made us who we are today; we look forward and see what we could be avoided; and we look presently at how we act. What we do. The decisions we make that alter our paths.

Common decency, helping one another, integrity, standing up for our peers, honesty, being brave enough to truly be ourselves. We live our adolescence striving to fulfil these; some of us still reaching, even now.

When we learn of Alex's condition at the very end, it's a reminder that while the truth did come out eventually for Hannah, the negative cycle still continues. Increasingly frustrated the lack of change, he took extreme measures. The actions of others in various points of the show, including those of his dad & himself caused Alex to fall into a similar spiral that led Hannah to her death. And it's up to us to break the cycle. To know better now. To do better for others. To be better.

A lot of people aren't happy with the ending, calling for more. While I would like to see what happened to everyone & the continuing ripple effect that followed her tapes being released, I'm actually pretty satisfied how it did end. 

I know Alex's end was a call to action for major change to the cycle. The 'friends', little by little facing up to the fact their actions had a butterfly effect gave us *some* satisfaction (except Marcus. I didn't feel like he even owned up to what he did. What a jerk lol). I'm glad Hannah's parents got the tapes and were able to understand what happened in some way. I know justice would've been served to Bryce after the confession was heard. 

I think it was a nice way to end the show, to leave it open. To let us take the reigns, to decide what happened and what lessons to take from it - much like the reigns we take and the choices we make in life itself. 

I also listened to the S-Town podcast last week, and the ideology remains the same. 
Amongst the self-entitled lives people are living these days, in a time where keyboard warriors are fearless, and in this disposable society, this type of show and content is so needed.

It costs nothing to be a decent human, to at least try to be there for other people, to really strive for meaningful connections. To make the most of every day, in a positive and enlightening way. Let's hope people listen.

J x 

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Koko Kollection

Ask and you shall receive!

By popular request from you guys, here are my lip swatches of the Koko Kollection from Kylie Cosmetics.

I love every single colour and this pack would be a great start for anyone wanting to try our her stuff - though it is limited edition (Christmas). I daresay she'll be back with them though! TOO GOOD.

Y'all know how I feel about Kylie Cosmetics, so without further ado...



DAMN GINA (gloss)

(TBH probably should have used a liner under this but it worked okay)

Can you guess which was my fave?
Sparkles, naturally 😜

If you managed to get your hands on this beautiful collection, let me know your favourite!
And as always, thank you for your requests, keep them coming.

J x

Sunday, 22 January 2017

NYX in Australia

NYX opened its first flagship store in Aus in December last year at Pacific Fair.

Among the cult favourites, the loose Pigments are coveted. We don't get a lot of choice for pigments in brands across Aus, so this is a great addition to the mix. 

Meet my first NYX pigment, PIG16 Potion

I chose this shade to add more selection to my purple collection, and so far I love the colour payoff.
NYX don't make a liquid or base formula to mix with but I've used MAC Fix+ and it glides like a dream. Have yet to try but I'm guessing a sticky primer would work as well. 
Love this colour! It's a blue-brown based purple with a white-blue shimmer through it. Not exactly glitter, more iridescent shine.

Here it is (top) swatched with UD Moondust palette shade in Magnetic for comparison:

I'm not in need of any other pigments at the moment but at $11.95 a pop I won't hesitate to get more should any catch my eye. Super affordable and pigmented (duh, Jen it would want to be as a Pigment lol). 

Tell me your favourite shades and I might add to my collection!

J x
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